04/14/2017 ThreatSwitch Code Release

What’s New FSOs can now add Pre-Travel Reports and Post-Travel Reports within the Incidents Module by adding a new incident and selecting “Travel Report” under “Incident Type.” FSOs will now receive a notification every time an incident is created in the system. FSOs will now receive notifications at the end of every month listing all incidents created Read more about 04/14/2017 ThreatSwitch Code Release[…]

03/10/2017 ThreatSwitch Code Release

What’s New FSOs uploading users by the Personnel Report from JPAS can now include user emails by adding an email column to the CSV Instructions and a template file can be provided upon request ThreatSwitch Support Specialist can now instantly onboard and update new and existing clients and their users through a new admin interface FSOs and employees will now be Read more about 03/10/2017 ThreatSwitch Code Release[…]

Security Notes: Unsafe Conference Calls, Airport Insiders, High Demand for Travel Briefings

Your conference calls are vulnerable. Security researchers have uncovered a flaw in conference phone systems from Mitel that create a means for hackers to listen in on board meetings. Boffins at Context Information Security managed to gain root access and take full control of a Mitel MiVoice Conference and Video Phone, potentially enabling them to Read more about Security Notes: Unsafe Conference Calls, Airport Insiders, High Demand for Travel Briefings[…]

01/26/2017 ThreatSwitch Code Release

What’s New Added an Insider Threat Program Plan (ITTP) template located under the profile menu Added username (user display name) and dropdown arrow to the profile menu Changed the subject field title to “Who are you reporting on?”on the create new incident screen Changed “Watchers” field title to “Reporter” on the create new incident screen Replaced dropdown Read more about 01/26/2017 ThreatSwitch Code Release[…]

12/02/2016 ThreatSwitch Code Release

What’s New FSOs can now import new users from a JPAS Personnel by Eligibility CSV file within in the Manage Users module. The Internet Explorer/Edge bug that loads the user email address within the Role column while editing a user profile is now fixed. The email buttons within the Employee Training Statuses section of the Training Module are now functional. FSOs can now successfully change Read more about 12/02/2016 ThreatSwitch Code Release[…]

11/17/2016 ThreatSwitch Code Release

What’s New FSOs can now assign and track training to themselves An activity list of assigned and completed training records for all employees are now listed on the FSO user’s training page The “Latest News” section on the FSO dashboard is now live and active! Please continually check it for the latest in security management Read more about 11/17/2016 ThreatSwitch Code Release[…]